Releases | Requiem for a Baby Grand (PANDVD07 / HD DVD 013)

Requiem for a Baby Grand DVD

DVD (price: €14.95*)

Video: NTSC, aspect ratio: 4:3
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0,Dolby Digital 5.1

DVD release date: July 6, 2012

This DVD is a co-production by PanRec and Jozef Cseres’s HEyeRMEarS Discorbie label.

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hans w. koch / Thomas Lehn / Ben Patterson / Jozef Cseres
Final Piano Music for 8 Hands and Tools

Despite all iconoclastic attitudes, the action of dissecting a piano, when executed right, is an orgiastic celebration of sound by itself, and the swan-song of a piano dying is rare enough to witness.

The Piano
An August Förster grand piano built on November 6, 1901 in Löbau (Saxony), serial number 11825. It has been delivered to Dortmund, where it has survived two world wars, but after all the aggregated damage it was designated for demolition in 1977. Thomas Lehn has rescued it for practising, and in 1982 it ended up in the apartment in cologne, where hans w. koch has been living since 2000. After 8 years, he had to make room and took the opportunity to give the old grand a proper farewell during the cologne art fair.

The Performers

  • hans w. koch, composer/performer and producer of the requiem. Owner of the piano.
  • Thomas Lehn, synthesizer virtuoso and pianist. Previous owner of the piano.
  • Ben Patterson, artist and composer with ample experience in dealing with pianos.
  • Jozef Cseres, aesthetician and performer. Never played neither owned a piano.

hans w. koch – piano, tools
Thomas Lehn – piano, tools
Ben Patterson – tools
Jozef Cseres – tools

Directed, produced and edited by Pavel Borodin

Camera operators: Pavel Borodin, Sergey Esau, Victor Ferin, Rustam Sadykov

Sound recording by Thomas Lehn

Special thanks to Ferenc Kahlesz, Jacob Mostovoy, Hermann-Christoph Müller, Indycine Kameraverleih

Year of production: 2012
Duration: 61 minutes