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Hans W. Koch (born ) is a German composer, performer and soundartist.

In 1983-1984 he studied at the University of Tübingen egyptology, ancient oriental studies, religious studies. In 1984-1988 he studied at the University of education in Weingarten music, history, physics and graduated in 1988 (middle-school teacher).
In 1988-1995 he studied at the Hochschule fuer Musik und Tanz in Cologne, starting with music theory and piano, from 1989 on composition with Johannes Fritsch. Hr gradueted 1995 with diploma as composer.

Lives in Cologne

He is member of the board of following institiutions: cologne experimental concert series reihe M, ON contemporary music Cologne and of the board of the ensemble Krahnenbaum company koeln, member of the curatorial board of brueckenmusik (1999 - 2012), member of the board of the cologne society for contemporary music (1996 - 2002).

Together with Anke Eberwein and Bernhard Koenig founder of the Buero fuer Konzertpaedagogik (bureau for concert-pedagogical activities).

Together with vocal artist Bettina Wenzel he runs the duo &2 an ongoing series of experiments in intermedia projects.

Hans W. Koch also organises concerts, performances and intermedia-events, gives workshops and trainings for teachers and pupils of every age for contemporary and experimental music and improvisation.