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Simon Nabatov plays Herbie Nichols DVD

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Video: PAL / NTSC, aspect ratio: 16:9
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0

Special features: Simon Nabatov on Herbie Nichols; Simon Nabatov: A Portrait; PanRec trailers

DVD release date: November 24, 2010

This DVD is a cooperation between PanRec and Plushmusic, an online platform for live classical, jazz and world music.

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Herbie Nichols (1919–1963) was a remarkable jazz pianist and composer, who, sadly, never attained the recognition he undoubtedly deserved while alive. His visionary innovations, so amply evident in his compositions, are as fresh and strong today as back in the 50’s.

A number of musicians have been fascinated by his unique musical world and have dedicated part of their activities to it: Misha Mengelberg, Ruswell Rudd, Steve Lacy, most notably; later also Geri Alen, Frank Kimbrough, Marty Krystall and Buell Neidlinger among others.

Simon Nabatov “discovered” for himself the music of Nichols soon after he came to live in New York in 1979. The unusual combination of a wicked humor, twisted formal procedures, juxtaposition of the refined European harmonies (Satie or Bartók) and the rhythmic sensibilities harking back to the West Indies and Africa – all of it was most appealing to Nabatov – and, indeed, still is. Even though Nabatov soon learned most of the (back then) known tunes, playing them in public, and especially in a concentrated form of a solo concert, is a new development in his activities.

The tunes included in Nabatov’s new solo program were originally recorded by Herbie Nichols in trio during the legendary Blue Note sessions of 1955–56 and represent the artistic quintessence of Nichols’s musical genius.

1. 2300 Skiddoo
2. The Spinning Song
3. Lady Sings the Blues
4. Twelve Bars
5. The Third World
6. Sunday Stroll
7. Terpsichore

All compositions by Herbie Nichols

Simon Nabatov – piano

A Plushmusic production

Filmed live at Loft in Cologne as part of the Plushmusic Festival, February 6, 2009

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Robert Nacken

Camera operators: Bernhard Redding, Matthew Jolly

Edited by Balsa Boskovic and Matthew Jolly

Produced by Hayden Chisholm

Many thanks to Hans-Martin Müller

Year of production: 2009
Duration: 50 minutes